uber international business strategy deep analysis presentation

the uber presentation includes

introduction- required

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uber storyline – required

business model deep analysis – required

uber international strategy deep analysis – required

recommendations and conclusion – required

you must provide ppt file and word file

ppt file has Neat Summary of Messages to be delivered. No small characters. Use Bullet Points, Diagrams, Graphs, etc

word file has the presentations as paragraphs

a) It is a public company, thus assuring accessibility to critical financial data and business information.

b) The company must be a diversified company, due to this class’s focus on corporate strategy, i.e. managing the multi-business firm.

c) Your presentation must provide a corporate strategy case which covers the main topics discussed in the course. (from chapter 6 to 10) These include strategic strategic alliance,

vertical integration, outsourcing, international strategy, innovative strategies,, and others.

d) Use objective data (e.g., numbers, statistics, etc.) to support your analysis, and try to analyze the numbers to obtain strategic implications for the company under study.

e) Each team’s presentations need to provide suggestions and recommendations for the future competitiveness of the company. Your recommendations need to be well aligned with the implications and insights resulted from your analysis.