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  1. What were the causes for the rise of the New Right and how did that movement differ from the Old Right?
  2. What were the domestic goals of the Reagan administration, and was he successful in achieving those goals in his two terms as president?
  3. What was Reagan’s legacy, in terms (1) domestic and (2) foreign policy?
  4. How was the New Right influential in both religion and the Supreme Court?
  5. What were some of the major domestic and foreign issues faced by George H.W. Bush in his administration? President G.W. Bush is a World War Two hero, and the former director of the CIA.
  6. Finally, everyone will need to visit either The Cold War: the 1980s or The Cold War: the 1990s. Select a document or mini-essay to read and review. Discuss what you learned after reading the same.


1. What were the main issues facing Bill Clinton when he entered office? How did he reconcile the traditional liberal values of the past Democrats and his vision for a different America?

2. What were the successes and failures of Bill Clinton’s administration?

3. What were the main causes of the economic prosperity of the 1990s under Clinton’s administration?

4. What effect did the election of 2000 have on the American political scene? Was the rift that was driven between America healed under the Bush administration? This website provides more information about the election:

5.Discuss what you learned from a review of 9/11 Attacks. Select one primary source testimony or video to comment on (scroll down for the Remember section)

6. Do you think the federal government envisioned the War on Terror lasting the longest of any wars in US history? View this lecture with Michael Morell, the former Deputy Director of the CIA

7. What were and are some of the major challenges that President Obama faced in office? Review: President Barack Obama and Biography: Barack Obama and (comment on any one video of your choice): The Official YouTube Channel of President Obama

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