Week 9 Human Health and Physiology

Week 9 Human Health and Physiology

For this assignment, each member of your group will be taking on the role of a different medical specialist. Each person in your group should have a different role, so before you write your post, check to see which roles have been taken.


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Endocrinologist I chose thus one




Post Requirements

This assignment requires one post. Title your post with the name of your medical specialty.

Be sure to write the answers to the following questions in your own words; no direct quotes! Please also cite all sources fully, including in-text citations and a full reference list at the end, for full credit.

In your expert role, what body system(s) do you specialize in?

  • What are the main organs of that system(s)?
  • Identify all of the health conditions that you believe are relevant to your medical specialty. (You should have at least two for full credit.) Explain your reasoning for why each health condition is relevant to your medical specialty. Your explanation should briefly discuss the physiology of the condition and include at least one in-text citation for each comorbidity, with a properly formatted reference list at the end.

High blood pressure

Cancer (except skin cancer)

  • Asthma
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


Heart attack

Chronic kidney disease

Low birth weight

  1. Obesity


  1. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is piloting an educational outreach program to communities with low overall life expectancy within the county. You will use public health data to identify a community with poor health outcomes for conditions related to your medical specialty. Using your answer to #3, analyze the health condition data below to determine which city has poor health outcomes related to those health conditions compared to other cities. Choose one community (Baldwin Park, Pacoima, East Compton, North El Monte, East Rancho Dominguez) and briefly explain your reasoning.

Note: Los Angeles County data has been provided as a comparison.

  1. Percentage of adults exhibiting various health conditions in communities in Los Angeles County

Baldwin Park


  • East Compton
  • Temple City
  • East Rancho Dominguez
  • Los Angeles County
  • High blood pressure39.127.831.548.137.927Cancer (except skin cancer)103.83.912.33.14.9Asthma7. heart disease10. obstructive pulmonary disease76611.69.35.3Diabetes1613.513.820.118.810.9Heart attack7.4611.95.98.318.4Chronic kidney disease4. birth weight4.