Complete the Questions and Problems in the Questions and Problems Excel Spreadsheet. I have prepared this spreadsheet as trial for week one. I have put of the problems in the file and created tabs for each problems. Please note question #3 and #8 have templates to help you solve the problem. What you need to do is the following:

1. Answer Questions 1-2 on tab one typing in the colored Boxes (using complete sentences and grammar)

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2. Complete problems 3-8 on the tab labled for that problem, then put the answer for each problem on Tab 1 This allows me to ensure I am seeing your correct final answer making accurate grading. Please make sure on the tab for the problem you show all work.

3. Note that each tab has a chapter that pertains to that problem, but the problem number is specific to this assignment. The problems are similar to those in the chapter but not exactly the same. So question 8 does not refer to the question 8 in Chapter 4 in the text.