What blood cell type does P. vivax infect?

What blood cell type does P. vivax infect?
What role does the spleen play during a malaria infection? How does this contribute to some of the hallmark symptoms of malaria?
P. vivax is one of several malaria-causing Plasmodium species that form hypnozoites in the liver, which can remain dormant for weeks or months. How do these hypnozoites impact the prognosis of malaria caused by P. vivax?
What stage of infection did the chloroquine treat?
What stage of infection did the primaquine treat?
Mosquitos are the most common vector for malaria. How do mosquitos acquire the initial plasmodium infection?
What practice is sometimes used to ensure that patients take all of their tuberculosis medication? Why might this practice be difficult in rural or underdeveloped areas?
How does non-compliance with antibiotic treatment regimens lead to the generation of drug resistant bacteria?
The mutation for drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria that causes the disease tuberculosis, occurs within the chromosome, not in the plasmid.
How do you think this would affect the likelihood of an individual bacterium becoming drug resistant?
How will treatment for the second tuberculosis infection likely differ from the first round?
What are some qualities of M. tuberculosis that make occurrences of antibacterial resistance so prevalent?

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