what i have learnt in my degree

  • 2000 words
  • 10 reference , Harvard reference system
  • Degree background : BA Early childhood education. Learning course : psychology , sociology of education, childhood digital culture , Understand Education research
  • Explain something you have learnt in your degree, to an audience of your choice. Alongside this explanation, critically comment on the ideas about learning that have informed your choices.
  • Start with a very brief description of what you are explaining, and to who. The “what” can be anything that you have found significant or memorable, from any aspect of your degree studies; and the “who” is equally broad: it might be a class of learners, of any age; an interview panel; policy-makers in education; the general public. It is entirely up to you.
  • Offer that explanation. Depending on your intended audience, this explanation might be a lesson plan, a presentation for an interview, a comic for younger (or older) readers, a policy briefing paper, a video or podcast for the general public….whatever you like, so long as you feel it helps the intended audience develop their understanding. What I will primarily be looking for in this section is clarity in the explanation of what you’ve learnt; and appropriateness of fit between the form adopted and the audience with whom you have selected to work. If there are 30 students taking the module, I expect 30 very different assignments, and that’s absolutely fine; the tutorial process (see above) is partly intended to support you in making this individual decision.
  • Critically comment on (a) and (b), explaining the decisions you’ve made, and outlining how ideas about learning, including those explored within the module, have informed your choices. Different things within the module will speak to different students, and inform the pieces of work that we know from (b) will be individual and distinctive. The main points I will be looking for here are critical engagement with the ideas the module has explored, especially a sense of following the implications from theory into practice; and clear explanation of your reasons for selecting this audience, content, and form. The strongest responses will link these two elements together: e.g. “I chose to create a podcast because theory X suggests that learners, especially those in group Y, would respond particularly well to multimedia information. This is because…”

And just as with Assignment 1, this should all be accompanied by a 200 wordnote:

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a.AT STAGE 1, explaining the aspects of the assignment where you would particularly welcome feedback, and/or highlighting questions that you have about the subject; and

b.AT STAGE 2, outlining how you have responded to the feedback offered on your Stage 1 work. If your response is that you haven’t taken on-board any of the feedback, that’s fine – the important thing is to justify the choices you made.