What is in IT for me (Example)

What is in IT for me (Example)

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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course Number: Date: International Trade International trade involves the exchange of goods and services between nations. The trade therefore creates a world economy that is subject to the market forces (Amadeo par. 1-19) and (Allais par.1-5). Companies involved in international trade employ international trade assistants to facilitate their operations in various countries by conducting market analysis and segmentation in the countries (“Career Trend” par. 1-6). International trade assistant is the job I would like to pursue after school and therefore I am happy to research it. Doing this work is also a good opportunity to learn how Information Technology is applied in international trade. The reason for this is the fact that we are in a digital era where IT is critical to success in business and other areas. International Trade Assistant/specialists The main work of how powerful IT can be (“Business 2 Community” par. 1-20). It is therefore a good example of the application of IT in business. Second the software is applicable in international trade which is my field of interest. ASSIST4 is used in international logistics and supply chain management and it enhances the execution of processes and compliance with international trade policies. Hence the software is at the center of international trade (AEB par. 1-10). Works Cited AEB. “ASSIST4 suite.” aeb www.aeb.com Accessed 16 March 2018.Allais Maurice et.al. “International Trade.” Britannica www.britannica.com Accessed 6 March 2018 Amadeo Kimberly. “International Trade its pros cons and effects on the economy.” thebalance www.thebalance.com Accessed 6 March 2018.Business 2 Community. “The Importance of Information Technology in Business today.” business2community www.business2community.com Career Trend. “Job description for an international trade specialist.” careertrend careertrend.com Accessed 16 March 2018 []

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This is a 3-5 pages essay, and plz read the detail in the instruction documents

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