Write 4 pages thesis on the topic transaction processing systems.

Write 4 pages thesis on the topic transaction processing systems. The system displays an updated version of available seats and removes the already selected ones (processing). The system generates a bill and ticket copy (output).

TPS is based on batch processing or real-time processing. TPS is vital to businesses since it helps owners to meet demands without the need for extra personnel (Davoren). TPS offers four important characteristics to a business, they offer. reliability, response, controlled processing and inflexibility. Rapid Response. customers cannot afford to wait for TPS to respond, the wait time from the input by the customer to output production should be a few seconds. If a TPS fails to have a proper rapid response time, it will lead to huge losses in the business. Reliability. a TPS breakdown will disrupt or stop normal operations of a business. TPS systems must have low failure rates, and if the failure occurs, accurate recovery must be a possibility.

Reliability enables a company to design backup and recovery procedures. Inflexibility. a good TPS ensures that every transaction is handled in the same manner regardless of the user, time of day or customer. If a TPS is flexible, it means that there are too many opportunities even for non-standard operations. Controlled processing. a good TPS must support the operations within an organization. TPS should maintain and enforce roles and responsibilities. A good TPS should minimize the costs of an organization by bringing down the data handling times and also provides accurate and timely database updates. All these aspects of a TPS are imperative for steady business development and growth.

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Real-time transaction processing equates to immediate data processing. It requires access to an online database to give instant confirmations. A real-time transaction involves the use of a workstation or terminal to input data and display (output) TPS results.