Write 5 pages with APA style on UN Humanitarian Intervention in Syria.

Write 5 pages with APA style on UN Humanitarian Intervention in Syria. In 2000, Bashar al-Assad took power from his dictatorial father and started his ruling with a short-lived period of political freedom. He discharged some of the political detainees and accepted debate. Nonetheless, the speed of change led to oppression. Al-Assad was re-elected as the Syrian president for the second term in 2007. The election was devoid of competition from the rival political groups. During this period, he was the only candidate to contest for the position of presidency. In March 2011, demonstrations started in Deraa after the Arab spring. The demonstrations also started after the detention and torture of young persons who had written revolutionary catchphrases on the walls of their learning institution (Holliday 15). The Syrian military reacted by using excessive force. Al-Assad refused to be held accountable for the protests and instead accused foreign conspirators of the violence. This prompted countrywide protests requesting the president to step down. With time, demonstrators became more structured, with the creation of the Syrian National Council (SNC) in the same year.

Even though SNC justifiably rejected military intervention, they appealed for the international protection of the local citizens and their people. Another opposing group of armed men was named National Co-ordination Committee (NCC). As opposed to the principles of SNC, NCC supported talks with the government. However, the two groups came together to jointly to fight the government in 2011. On the other hand, soldiers who had defected from al-Assad’s camp created their group called the Free Syrian Army (FAS) and started attacking the Syrian army in reprisal. The president later supported the suggestion of the UN-Arab League Joint Special Envoy to end the hostilities (Human Security vs.

Power Politics Dilemma 5). However, the rival army rejected additional state demands leading to the continuation of the attacks. There have been clashes throughout the predicament concerning whether the rival army or al-Assad government should be blamed for the casualties arising from the clashes that involved assaults, severe bombings of major towns, and massacres.

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