Write a 1 page paper on responding to student threats of violence.

Write a 1 page paper on responding to student threats of violence. Parents, guardians, other family members, leaders of youth groups, law enforcement agencies, counselors and group leaders should pay definite attention to how children react to these traumatizing events. In addition, there is a need to put in place a threat assessment procedure (Cornell, 2001). This will help evaluate probable violent situations in the school setting.


First, the school should establish its threat assessment unit rather than depend on a sole unit to evaluate threats in the whole school. Units located in the school have the capacity to initiate an immediate response to threats found in the school. Second, parents should make their children aware of frightening events before they hear it from other sources so that they can have an efficient understanding (Cornell, 2001).

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Third, parents should contain their child’s feelings. They should allow the young ones to share their thoughts and feelings. Finally, a significant elder should listen. One should be there for a child to provide love and care for him or her (Cornell, 2001). This will give a child the support he or she needs.