Write a 8 pages paper on al-qaeda terrorist organization.

Write a 8 pages paper on al-qaeda terrorist organization. Firstly the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization is structured in such a way as to increase its chances of gaining weapons of mass destruction in order to achieve its overall aims, which reflect its attitudes and the tactics it uses. Al-Qaeda has also established a global finance network to ensure that its cells and affiliated groups have enough money and weapons to carry out terrorist operations. The training that all Al-Qaeda terror cells and fighters receive stress the need for secrecy, efficiency, and devotion to its very extreme cause. The groups linked to Al-Qaeda have caused the maximum amount of death and destruction possible with the resources available to them. Al-Qaeda, unlike other terrorist organizations, has never been unable to carry out terrorist operations because it did not have enough resources to do so (Prefontaine & Dandurand, 2004).

Al-Qaeda is not organized like Western Europe terrorist groups such as the IRA or ETA, that have tended to target police and security forces or their civilian contractors in order to achieve their nationalist objectives. That is because Al-Qaeda is organized across many countries and have objectives that are not predominantly linked to nationalist goals, instead, the common link with all member groups is an extremist view of Islam, coupled with rabid anti-Americanism and anti-Western views (http://www.9-11commission.gov/)

That is not to say the leadership of Al-Qaeda does not consider nationalism to be important even if it does not represent the most important ideological perspective for the organization taken as a whole. Prime examples would include the Chechen rebels that have been fighting for independence from Russia since 1991, and supporting the Palestinians in their fight for a homeland (Prefontaine & Dandurand, 2004). Despite the best efforts of Presidents Yeltsin and Putin the Chechens have not been defeated and have carried out large-scale terror attacks that had killed up to 300 people in&nbsp.Moscow.

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