write an article on The educator as a public intellectual.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The educator as a public intellectual. It needs to be at least 1750 words. In principle, teachers are the second guide and protector after the parent. Significantly, they mold the child by introducing him/her to the foundations of education and making the student conversant with how to interact with others. Similarly, teachers’ contributions to society are by molding and developing the future generation in accordance with the social and cultural structures of the given community. For instance, it is the role of teachers to provide moral and intellectual leadership to the youth by preparing them to be critical thinkers and active citizens in society.

Significantly, life is a journey encompassing experience and knowledge gained. Therefore, one meets individuals who build their characters and adds some benefits to their lives as a whole. For instance, too many people in Baltimore Mr. Jim Beglin are nothing short of a public intellectual. Furthermore, being a sociology teacher Mr. Beglin has been able to enlighten the students on the need for better social behavior, planning, and political consciousness. Therefore, with Mr. Beglin as their educator students at Bishop Walsh School have been able to quench their thirst for knowledge while at the same time get to be influenced by right living subscribing to the conscious doctrine of life.

Mr. Beglin subscribes to the philosophy of integrity, and hard work pays off. In essence, by equipping and always reminding his students of the need to be true to themselves and only rely on what one has worked for has improved the students’ behavior and attitude to an admirable level. Therefore, through motivating his students and assuring them of the significant benefits that accrue to an individual, who strives to earn and live on his/her sweat. Significantly, this doctrine has been spread to how the students carry themselves and act in society, hence influencing even more members of the community.

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