write an article on this will examine the impacts and effects of using technology on both side the positive and negative

positive side such for college students and the family relationships young children. negative side such on children at very early ages Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The Positive and Negative Impacts and Effects of Using Technology Positive The adoption of advanced technology in colleges and in homes has been found to have various advantages (California). In college computers have been found to ease the mode of teaching in that students can be able to carry out their presentations through power point. Moreover, online teaching techniques have been adopted in many colleges. Here students can accesses teachers’ notes and assignments online or submit their assignment online. Furthermore the role played by computers and internet services on research cannot be overlooked. Students are now able to carry extensive research on their assignments as well as their research projects instead of physically visiting a library. According to the Fred Rogers Center such technologies it is even easier for students to adopt distance learning programmes. Through the social media students can easily communicate among themselves and also with their teachers.

Technology especially television and computers have been said to enhance learning in children and also family relations if only used wisely. Through technology children are able to engage themselves in enjoyable activities that enable them to share experience with their peers as well as adults. In addition, computer use particularly playing computer games is said to have positive impacts both on children’s cognitive development and academic performance (California). Cognitive skills include reasoning skills and as children play these games they are able to use these skills thus strengthening them. Through this children are able to boost their academic performance in subjects like science and mathematics which require a lot of reasoning. In fact, computers have eroded the authority structures that existed previously within families, since children are more likely to assist their parents with computer usage skills making them to relate freely (Subrahmanyam, et al 123). Also by using computers parents are able to do more research on children’s physical and cognitive development.


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Though computer use in early age has been credited a lot, it has equally been discouraged due to its anticipated negative impacts on children (Tsantis, Bewick and Thouvenelle 5). Home computer use by children may lead to time wastage as children may spend all their time playing computer games thus ignoring other essential duties. This may also affect their socialization process through activities like sports, as children will only be linked to their computers. Children who spent more than five hours a day watching television are at a greater risk of developing obese characteristics (Subrahmanyam et al 125). The quick image flashing in some television programs and visual computer games may cause seizures. Nevertheless, recurring pressing of buttons during computer game playing has been associated with injuries of the hand.

Subrahmanyam, et al (128) assert that Children who are always glued to their computers are likely to develop aggression characteristics as they imitate what they watch. Many games played by male children depict competition and violence and this can be reflected on the children’s daily lives as they are likely to approach situations with hostility and violence. These children are unable to distinguish fantasy from real life situations, which makes them to behave that way. However, the question of impacts of technology use in early age is very ambiguous as what can be considered to be a positive impact, can as well be negative (Subrahmanyam et al 140). Finally, studies done on this field indicate that impacts of technology use in children have a wide variance depending on things like: time spent on the computers, activity of engagement and the content nature.

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