write an essay minimum 500 words

1. Read carefully “a discussion with counterpart title sequence director Karin Fong”


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2. Write an essay minimum 500 words summarizing and discussion the ideas behind the graphic design of the title sequence.

This essay should focus on the question:

How is the idea “counterpart” visualized? be detail-oriented: first name as many visual elements as possible (e.g. Go game, old IBM Selectrics and typewriters with German keyboards) and then discuss how these visual elements (in different casual media, e.g. photography, drawings, typography,etc) are constructed into a coherent casual sequence.

Grading criteria:

Your understanding of the basic concepts as explained in your readings and in lecture (4pt

careful summary of the interview

thoughtful critical, insightful analysis of the visual and/ or typographical objects (4pt

Writing quality (2pt

please se this assignment sheet as your cover page and staple in to your essay