I have attached the Literature Matrix Template of my research paper which will be about Leadership.

So please write an outline page for my research paper by using the literate matrix and references from attached files.

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The outline should include the following:
1. Introduction:
a. Background Information
b. Thesis Statement: The Thesis statements will talk will contains three different points.

2. Body: Each point will be presented in one paragraph or different paragraphs and it will contain 3-4 detailed points as well as one quotation from the article.
3. Conclusion
4- Reference page in APA 5th edition format.

Please note that there are 10 Sources will be used for this outline + Literature Matrix Template that give a summary of each article, also to show the quotation from each article as well as to show where this quotation will be used in the article.

So kindly don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anything not clear.

NOTE: This outline must be done within 24 hours from now.