Youth education

Youth education

Name: Professor: Course: Date: Difference between educations given to children in low income neighborhood versus education given to children in a more privileged neighborhood Personal Connection Education is the most important asset a child is entitled to venture in during his or her tender age. The children should receive equal education despite their family background state country or race. Education provides better employment opportunities; specific knowledge and skills needed in future life. Therefore of Public Economics 80(1) 49–71. Card D. & Payne A. A. (2002). School finance reform the distribution of school spending and the distribution of student test scores. Journal of Public Economics 83(1) 49–82. Baker B. D. & Green P. C. (2009). Conceptions measurement and application of educational adequacy and equal educational opportunity. In G. Sykes B. Schneider & D. N. Plank (Eds.) The handbook of education policy research (438–452). New York NY: Routledge. []

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the difference between education given to children in low income neighborhood versus education given to children in a more privileged neighborhood? For the proposal (500 words maximum), you will essentially be writing a first draft of the introduction to your final paper. You can use any part of your proposal for your final paper, though probably shouldn’t use too much of it, being that your understanding of your topic will likely improve greatly over the course of the semester. The proposal should include the following: Topic/Scope (2-3 sentences) Personal connection/reason for interest in the topic (1-2 sentences) Hypothesis (2-3 sentences) Methodology (3-5 sentences) Bibliography (2 entries minimum, no maximum) Typically, the scope of your research should not be too general, especially for a 4-8 page final paper. For example, a bad proposal would be, “I want to study race throughout all of human history.” A good one might be, “I want to study the effects of institutional racism in the United States today on Salvadorian immigrants to see if there is a significant difference in the treatment of light-skinned Salvadorian versus dark-skinned Salvadorian immigrants.” Or, “I would like to study legislation that restricts access to abortion since 1976 and the effects it has on working-class women.” Try to think about your final paper as an attempt to answer a question (or series of questions). For the sake of your research proposal (and perhaps your introduction to your final paper), state your thesis skeptically, more as a hypothetical thesis (hypothesis). The point of your research is to answer this question. The point of your paper is to prove a thesis (or argument, or main point). When discussing your methodology, you must talk about at least 2 sources that you might use as references. Tell me why you are using these sources, and how they might prove your hypotheses. You must list full academic citations for all proposed references in a bibliography at the end of your proposal. Your bibliography must be formatted properly (please refer to my Master’s Thesis, which I have attached, or the Purdue OWL website). Your bibliography will likely consist of one or more of the readings you did for this class. Please also list in your bibliography any other source that you know of that you think you may use in your research. I will be working with each of you for the rest of the semester to add to your bibliography. due Monday 3 by 12am the attachment is just an idea of what I thought about the topic(don’t use as reference because I didn’t do a good job on it)

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