4 Page Paper over a poet Healey

4 page minimum research paper on Thomas Hardy? No more than 4 sources and no less than 2.

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Poets Name- Thomas Hardy

Poem- “The Man He Killed”


-introduce author

-what’s he known for

-style, time period

-opinion about author

-plan of development

Poets life

Poem “the man he killed”


1st body paragraph (Author Life)

-good topic sentence

-life facts

-interesting facts about him

-what influences him to write poetry

-nothing boring or broad like his birthday, hometown, etc

2nd Body Paragraph (Authors (Poem)

-choose a poem that goes along with his life or “the man he killed” or you can use two

-use literary elements

-reference line and page#

-his style and everything it entails

3rd Body Paragraph (Critics)

-Topic sentence

– introduce “2” critics



-what I found interesting

-compare critics ideas and points