Human Services Social History and Psycho Social Stressors Capstone

Human Services Social History and Psycho Social Stressors Capstone

Purpose of Assignment: As if you were interviewing someone, write the first section of a Social History, consistently writing in third-person using neutral and objective language.

Transferable Skill: Information Literacy

Recognizing when information is needed and possessing the ability to locate, evaluate and effectively use the needed information. Information literacy begins with good writing skills. Human services workers will be called upon to evaluate scenarios and provide supporting documentation and find the information necessary to provide effective service delivery.

Instructions: For this written assignment you are being asked to submit the introductory section of a Social History as provided in the Word document attached. To complete this assignment, you will need to complete the document as if you were interviewing a real person (you may choose to interview a real person if possible). The person you interview will become your “pretend client.”

This person needs to be someone who is facing current life struggles and include. The person must be willing to provide information. Protect your pretend client’s confidentiality.

As a guideline as to the formatting and information that should be addressed in each section:

  • Make sure that you write in third-person language consistently.
  • Report the facts only, without interpretation and or personal commentary.
  • Address all the content required, including the use of subtitles to identify each section of the history. (Do not include the italicized prompts in your subtitles, as those prompts are only there to remind you what to include in the content).
  • Submit in a single-space type using clear and concise grammar and spelling mechanics.

Media Systems in South Korea and Japan Essay

Media Systems in South Korea and Japan Essay

Select ONE from the following topics:

1.Select any specific aspect(s) of media industries in twoof the following fivemedia systems–China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan –and compare it/them. Discuss the similarities and/or differences between the two. Specific aspect(s) can be: media history, media content, media control/regulation, media policy etc.

2.Select any specific aspect(s) of media industries in oneof the following fivemedia systems–China,Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan –and compare it/them with anothermedia systemof your choice. Discuss the similarities and/or differences between the two. Specific aspect(s) can be: media history, media content, media control/regulation, media policy etc.

Use of Information and Synthesis Discussion

Use of Information and Synthesis Discussion

Your instructor will set-up four (4) conversation groups this week in which you will select one or more topics to discuss which are of high interest to you.

  • Health and Wellness
  • Buying a Car
  • Hobbies
  • Vacations

To begin engaging in this forum, choose one of the conversation groups. Select a topic reference source from the web, which you deem credible and reliable. Read the source, extract the information and consider how you will engage your group members in the topic and information from the source. Be sure to include source attribution. As you are reading your source, consider the following:

  • How will you synthesize and present the content of the source to share?
  • What do you want your group members to know, and what do they need to know?
  • How will you share the information so that the content is clear and concise?
  • This is an opportunity for you to practice use of information and synthesis as you share with one another your own knowledge combined with a supporting source.

Audience Targeting Analysis Essay

Audience Targeting Analysis Essay

Scenario Better You!, a small start-up widget company that develops health and fitness apps, has hired you as a communications specialist to help plan how to get the word out about the company’s new app. The owners, Zoey and Brooke, do not have much experience in communications and marketing, so the first thing they are looking for is your support with finding and evaluating data to determine who their audiences are. Since the widgets are online, there should be a wide audience, but they would like to target some specific areas as well. Directions Before you create your customer profile, review the BetterYou! Vision and Product Information in the “Supporting Materials” section. 1. Audience Targeting: First, Zoey and Brooke would like you to explain how you used data to segment and target the right audience. Please use the above link to review the target audience Use data to choose the right target audience. Consider online audiences and specific geographic areas: Where should the company advertise its products now and in the future? o Discuss how to use data to identify the target audience’s needs. Consider what data can tell companies about how people use products, and what types of data can be useful in identifying audience needs. What is often missing from data? What strategies can companies use to gather more targeted information? 2. Audience Segmentation: Zoey and Brooke have also asked you to explain how audience segmentation works. This will help you inform your stakeholders about who the customer is. o Stakeholders at Better You! are interested in learning how you chose the target audience. Explain how you use audience targeting data to segment an audience. Consider key factors such as distribution, lifestyle, and demographic information. o Explain how you used data to communicate with your target audience. How did data such as audience behavior or demographics help you plan your communications? 3. Messaging Strategy: Finally, Zoey and Brooke would like you to discuss how you’ll create a message that meets the needs of the o targeted audience. What methods will you use to make sure that the message is delivered to the right people at the right time and in the right place? Others at the company will also want to know that the money spent on advertising is being used correctly. o Discuss the best platforms to deliver the message. Inform stakeholders about your strategy for dealing with future changes in audience preferences Support your plan with details on how the target audience uses media. Remember to discuss the communication platforms that will engage general online audiences and audiences in a specific location. Explain how to use key metrics to measure the success of the brand’s message. Think about how you might use key metrics to strengthen future communication and messaging strategies. ▪ o o Must use Pew Research Center Facts Think: How can I use data about social media usage to inform my strategy about my specific audience Helpful Learning Resources: 1. 5.1 Targeted Marketing versus Mass Marketing | Principles of Marketing ( 2. Strategic A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Media Strategy 3. Principles of Marketing, Module 6: Using Marketing Information> Click Next for Using Marketing Information + How to Measure Success of Communication (Part 2) 4. Principles of Marketing, Module 3: The Purpose of Market Segmentation and Targeting (Part 2) 5. Principles of Marketing, Module 6: Marketing Data Sources Please ensure paper has all of the below information: Audience Targeting • Uses data to find the right target audience; considers general online audiences as well as specific locations where the company should advertise • Discusses how data can be used to understand the needs of the target audience; considers the use of data that shows how people use products Audience Segmentation • Explains how to use audience data to target and segment an audience; considers key factors like distribution, lifestyle, behavior, and demographic information • Explains how to use data to plan communications; considers how data on audience behavior and demographics can help with communications Messaging Strategy • Suggests platforms for delivering messages to online and local audiences; informs stakeholders about a strategy for dealing with changes in audience preferences; supports suggestions with details on how the target audience uses media • Explains how to use key metrics to measure the success of and strengthen future communication and messaging strategies Better You! Vision and product information Vision The founders of Better You!, Zoey and Brooke, are two friends and former colleagues who met while they were working for a large tech firm. They share a passion for healthy living and decided to start a company that combined their hobbies and passion with their knowledge of technology. They believe firmly in the power of healthy living to transform people’s lives. They also recognize that, for many people, the most significant barrier to living a healthier lifestyle is balancing work and family. People don’t think that they have time to make healthy changes in their lifestyle. Better You! wants to change that by creating apps that help people incorporate small changes that will have a major impact on their health and happiness. About the Product The Better You! One Stop app helps people develop a wellness plan that is tailored to their personal fitness, diet, and social wellness goals. The app uses these goals to provide the right motivation and information at the right times to keep its users on the right track. How It Works Users take a brief, 15-question survey when they start the app. The survey data helps users identify strategic and specific goals. From there, users receive suggestions for how they might meet their goals. As part of the survey, users enter the amount of specific time they have each day and what a typical day looks like for them. Users can set up notifications and use the news feed, which includes articles, recipes, and tips for meeting their goals. In addition, the app has a calendar where users can enter their meals, exercise, mood, and other information. The app provides encouragement and make specific recommendations based on the information people enter. Fitness • The app uses users’ locations to find nearby parks and recreational areas, such as hiking trails. It also recommends fitness goals that make sense for the users’ lifestyles. For example, if a user has young children, the app might recommend areas where the user could walk with their children as opposed to going to a gym. Diet • One function of the calendar allows users to enter their daily servings of fruit, vegetables, protein, dairy, and sweets, as well as the amount of water they drank. The app then uses this information to make targeted recommendations. ○ For example, if a user wants to drink more water, the app can help by setting up notifications. If they want to eat more fruits and vegetables, the app updates the news feed with easy, healthy recipes that use fruits and vegetables. Social • The app allows users to track their mood and will provide strategies to boost the user’s mood in the news feed. It may also make specific recommendations for self-care techniques.Messaging Concept The owners have proposed the following slogan: “One Stop to a Better You!” The messaging strategy shares the company’s vision of transforming people’s lives through healthy Messaging Concept The owners have proposed the following slogan: “One Stop to a Better You!” The messaging strategy shares the company’s vision of transforming people’s lives through healthy living. The company also wants to show that even small changes can make a big difference toward living a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Wealth Distribution and Environmental Deterioration

Wealth Distribution and Environmental Deterioration

1. explore issues related to gender, body image, and sexuality in children’s media further. Write a “review” of the film and reading(s) .You can think about how the film you watched impacted you, how they relate to the readings for this week, or any questions and issues they raised for you. It asks you to watch the recent Netflix release Cuties (2020), read about the surrounding controversies, and reflect on your own response to the issues raised by and in the film


Cuties Review

2. WATCH: Cuties trailer


Watch Cuties on Netflix


Common Sense Media Reviews

2. 1. You can choose to focus on one of the case studies explored in this week’s overview slides.(the file that I uploaded)

What interested you about the case study or reading? What questions did it raise for you about global kids’ media and culture?

2. Do children benefit from a shared media culture and media globalization? What do they gain, and what might they lose?

3. What 1-2 changes would you suggest to make the internet and global media function in the best interests of children around the world?

Self Awareness and Mental Perception Paper

Self Awareness and Mental Perception Paper


  • Define self-concept, self-awareness and self-esteem, how they are related, and explain the ways in which self-awareness and self-esteem may be increased.
  • Define perception and its stages, and explain how to increase perceptual accuracy.


  1. Review concepts related to self-awareness, including The Four Selves, that you explored in the textbook and in the learning activities.
  2. Consider the fact that an individual’s self-awareness combined with an individual’s perception of a situation often varies and differences in both can influence how a communication interaction transpires.
  3. Reflect on a time when you encountered different perceptions of an event or interaction.
  4. Address differences in your understanding of yourself in relation to another’s understanding of yourself.

Communicative Influence of Social Media Apps Paper

Communicative Influence of Social Media Apps Paper

Choose a social media app to analyze

  1. Write 750-1,000 words.
  2. Explain important historical context surrounding the creation of the app (i.e., how and why was it created?).
  3. Explain the key communication features of the app (i.e., how is it used?). Be detailed, giving examples and/or screen shots – if available to you – to aid in your explanation.
  4. Use media theories/theorists to help you argue for what impact this app has on users’ communication behaviors (i.e., how does this app change users’ communication motives, purpose, style, and choices).

Social Media in Society Essay

Social Media in Society Essay
Being in a digital world, most of us use social media in one way or another. For this assignment, please write a 500-700 word paper that explains: • Your favorite form of social media and why. • Your least favorite form of social media and why. • In your own experience, what kind of impact you think social media has on our society as a whole. This can include all forms of social media and is not exclusive to social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Writing in the first person is acceptable for this assignment. Sources are not necessary for this paper but may be used. If you do use sources, please cite your sources in APA format.

Achieving and Evaluating an Effective Presentation for Human Resource

Achieving and Evaluating an Effective Presentation for Human Resource

Write and record a two-minute speech on any topic that is important to you. Present your speech to an audience of one or more persons. You may record the video and present the recorded version to the audience, or you may present the speech in person and record it for submission for this assignment. To record and upload the video of the speech to YouTube, use the instructions found here. The instructions explain how to obtain a link to your video on YouTube. Provide the link to the video in your reflection statement in Part 2 of this assignment. Also, include a transcript of your speech at the end of the reflection statement in Part 2 of this assignment.

Have your audience use the following evaluation questions to evaluate your delivery, and personally answer all the same questions for your self-evaluation.

  1. Did I use an extemporaneous delivery style?
  2. Did I use appropriate notes but not read or memorize my speech?
  3. Did I establish eye contact with my audience before I began my speech?
  4. Did I maintain eye contact during my speech?
  5. Did I use gestures in a natural way?
  6. Did I have an appropriate posture?
  7. Did I have an appropriate facial expression?
  8. Did I vary my facial expression?
  9. Did I speak loud enough to be heard clearly?
  10. Did I speak with vocal variety?

In the reflection statement, include a link to your YouTube video.

Part 2

This is the reflection part of the assignment.

Write a paper about the experience, which should be a minimum of three pages in length. Discuss what aspects of this assignment you found helpful for your future career. Mention some strategies you can use to improve your speech-making abilities.

Your paper should include the items below.

  1. Include a link to the YouTube video of your speech.
  2. Write a reflection that examines the responses to the evaluation from both you and your audience in light of what your textbook says about presentations.
  3. Write a conclusion with a reflection on what you can do to improve your presentation skills.
  4. Include a transcript of your speech at the end of your paper. (This does not count toward meeting the minimum page requirement for Part 2 of the assignment.)

Part minimum of 3 pages Please write something about a HR opportunity for the subject of the paper.


Chapter 5 Listening and Critical Thinking Discussion

Chapter 5 Listening and Critical Thinking Discussion

You gave a speech in front of an audience of high school students. In your speech, you used a lot of jargon from your Major. You also used some euphemisms and even some profanity. You later discover some spelling and grammar errors on your Power Point slides. The audience was not very polite to you – and it was mostly your fault… Focus on Chapter 5 in your answer. There is more than one issue you can choose.