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Select any two therapeutic approaches presented (Solution focused integration and Cognitive behavioral interventions that target triggers). Discuss the specific orientations of the two selected therapeutic approaches in your initial post. You will find outside research of credible journal articles contributory to your Discussion. As always, all reference sources must be cited following APA standards.

Next, compare the strengths and weakness of the two therapeutic orientations and consider how they might be best applied to addiction client populations.

3 Questions, 2 Paragraphs Each

I am in the course of beginning philosophy and need to answer three questions. Each question needs to have 2 or more paragraphs.

1. What do Thrasymachus, Glaucon, and Adeimantus mean by injustice? Is injustice simply acting solely for ones own interests or something more (Republic, 343b-344c, 348b-e, 357a-367e)?

2. What is Plato’s attitude toward wealth and material prosperity (Republic, 341c-346d, 368e-373e,415d-423b)? 

3. Plato gives three additional conceptions of justice in book IV of the republic. First, detail Plato’s these three conceptions, i.e. job-funtional justice, justice in the soul, and “ordinary”, conventional justice ( rRpublic, 433a-434d, 441c-444e & 442d-443b). Secondly explain how they casually support and or/ logically entail one another.  

​Competency to Stand Trial, psychology homework help

Competency to Stand Trial

Competency to Stand Trial is the assessment of an individual’s present state of mind—the time at which he or she must stand trial. A person can only be deemed not competent to stand trial after an evaluation by a forensic psychologist. It is essential to know what a competency evaluation entails, because this information is directly relevant to the psycholegal assessment questions on the comprehensive exam.

In a minimum of 300 words, respond to the following:

  • Identify and discuss the issues raised in a competency hearing.
  • Clarify which types of disorders can render an offender not competent to stand trial.
  • Identify and describe at least three assessment instruments that are specifically used to determine an individual’s competency.

Discuss at least three other psychological tests that would be used as part of a competency evaluation, such as tests to assess personality, intellect, and/or malingering. State why these other tests are needed as part of an overall competency evaluation.

Your responses should rely upon at least three scholarly resources from the professional literature that are cited in APA format. The literature may include the Argosy University online library resources; relevant textbooks; peer-reviewed journal articles; and websites created by professional organizations, agencies, or institutions (.edu and .gov).

: Review Paper—Draft of Literature Findings

Evaluate the evidence. Create a draft of the findings of the articles you have selected and how they contribute to our knowledge of this problem. Be sure to address each of the following items in your draft:

1.  Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each piece. 
2.  If the articles talk to each other (that is, if they support or contrast with one another), explain how and why. 
3.  What does the evidence tell us?
4.  Is there another possible explanation you can think of?  Based on what you have read, what is your hypothesis?  In other words, what is your explanation for the findings?
5.  How can you refine your question or topic even further, now that you have described the findings?

Your draft should be double-spaced and in 12 point, Times New Roman font with normal one-inch margins, written in APA style, and free of typographical and grammatical errors.  It should include a title page with a running head and a reference page. The body of the paper should be at least 5-6 pages in length. 

(6pg) Confucius’ Analects — Ethical system or not?

Confucius twice claims that his teachings can be strung together on a “single thread” (Analects 4.15 and 15.3). How do you understand this statement? Do the Analectspresent a unified set of teachings? Can these teachings be referred to as an “ethical system,” or would this be a misleading characterization? 


Paper Guidelines 

No research is required beyond Analects (Books 1-20)

-Cited according to the Chicago Manual of Style (16th ed.) citation format. (A full bibliography of readings on E-Reserves and Blackboard can be found on pp. 7-8 of the course syllabus posted online). 

Papers will be graded based on your ability to state a thesis and argue it effectively(please refer to the attached grading rubric for further detail). Your argument should be original and supported by evidence found within the texts. 

Format: Paper should be 5-6 pages long (excluding the optional title page and the mandatory bibliography), typed in Times New Roman 12pt font, double-spaced, with 1 inch margins all around. Pages must be numbered. You must include a final Bibliography or Works Cited. All sources must be cited according to the Chicago Manual of Style guidelines (Author-Date system is preferred). See this link for a quick reference: Remember to provide the exact page number(s) for quoted passages. 


If your answer is good, I have a lot more work for this class which I can send your way and I will pay very well.

Social Contract Theory paper

apply social contract theory to the issue of whether we should continue to use the electoral college to elect presidents or alter the system to use the popular vote. 

One of the key issues in social contract theory is the nature of the consent of the participants to the contract.  With regard to our current system of government a unique feature of electing public officials is that we do not elect the president by popular vote but by the electoral college system.

Your task in this assignment is to analyze this issue and provide a reasoned argument for either keeping or repealing this system using social contract theory as the basis of your argument.

The resources provided below will provide you some historical context.  You will need to address the reasons for the existence of the electoral college in your response so you need to use these resources.

US History II: 1865-Present Investigator Worksheet Rubric

I just need some help answering 12 questions within the US History investigator Worksheet. All of these questions have to be answered and does not have to be all that long just explained,and has to be placed within Proficient box. Will need to find the correlations between the Primary and Secondary Source. Only one of the topics from the Primary and Secondary need to be picked to answer the questions.

Investigator Worksheet Rubric:

HIS 114 Source Investigator Worksheet Rubric.docx

Primary Source:

Executive Order 9066 (Resulting in the Relocation of Japanese Americans)_.pdf


Korematsu v. United States (1944)_.pdf

Secondary Source:



Response 2 to Discussion 2 d.s.

Respond to this post and share examples of self-regulation skills you have observed in your family or other families who are close to you. ( 50 words or more)

What would you recommend to a parent who asks you what he or she can do to promote his or her preschool child’s self-regulation skills?

 The advice I would give to my parents is to model behavior and encourage their child. Children learn through imitating, IF the parent display’s poor attitudes the child will most likely will display that type of behavior. I will tell my parents that it is a team effort and we all have to work together as a team. Encouraging a child that they can do something helps promote self-esteem. If they show uneasiness about school, find out why. Say positive things to your child that they can do it etc. Children are emotional beings and if the environment is inviting and positive they will become attached. Some children just need a little bit more encouraging.

Now turning to the mesosystem, identify examples of influences on the child’s effortful control you can share with the parent. 

 Children spend a lot of time in a child care setting. Asking open ended questions about the child’s day at school, it will get the child engaged and the parent involved. As a parent getting involved in their child’s education helps promote effortful control. Schools provides opportunities for learning and improving social schools.

Provide examples of influences on children’s effortful control that you have observed in your own family and other families who are close to you.

 My son does not have the greatest effortful control or self-regulation. Mostly due to his ADHD and partly due to his grandmother buying him something every time they went out. But on rare occasions my son behaves and shows self-regulation. Just recently he ran errands with my father in law and not once did he ask for anything or throw any meltdowns. With him having ADHD having control is a huge step in learning self-regulation and effortful control. His reward for showing such great behavior is praise and encouragement. Children with ADHD have a problem with waiting and patience. They are always on the go. SO something as small as this is a big accomplishment.

Multiple Choice Question History

Church Committee                                         
Pentagon Papers 
Proposition 13 
Philadelphia Plan 
Three Mile Island 
Supply side economics 
Iran-Contra Scandal 
Savings and loan crisis 
Camp David Accords 

Answer Key: 
A. Presidential involvement in Vietnam
B. nuclear power plant accident 
C. arms for hostages
D. trickle-down economics
E. caused by deregulation
F. investigated the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and CIA
G. affirmative action
H. easing of Cold War tensions
i. peace between Egypt and Israel
j. young, successful urban professionals
k. slow economic growth and high inflation
l. ban on raising property taxes

is the Crime Rate the Best Measure for Understanding and Treating Crime, social science homework help

This is a Social Science Senior Seminar Class

Answer the question below:

Is the Crime Rate the Best Measure for Understanding and Treating Crime?


Each student is expected to Post an original response (2-3 paragraphs) to the weekly Question from the textbook, starting with the textbook then at least other two sources from any legitimate mainstream book, journal article, periodical, or newspaper (in that order of importance; email me if you are unsure of a source’s legitimacy). No dictionaries or encyclopedias, especially Wikipedia, are allowed. You must properly cite a source for anything that is not common knowledge, let alone if you quote from it (and if you do, you need to also have a page number). This means in English and properly formatted and not just a URL (web address).The more sources and citations, the better your grade will be (opinions need facts to back them up for proper social science). I will also expect these Posts to get better and longer as the Term progresses.

Going to upload the chapter in and example of discussion paper.