In one paragraph per sense, explain how each sense functions, including the biological aspects required for operating each sense. Offer an everyday example of how you use each sense. 1.Smell: 2.Taste: 3.Touch: 4.Hearing: 5.Vision:


Network Architecture Paper: Using either the OSI Reference Model or the TCP/IP Protocol Suite, describe how each layer of the Model/Suite represents the communication flow between organizational levels and across departments/division of an actual hierarchical business. Be sure to include a communication flow diagram showing the logical and physical connections.

The paper must use APA 6th ed., 7th printing formatting and contain a title page, 3 to 5 pages of content, and a minimum of three peer-reviewed references.

Please access the Purdue Owl Online Writing Lab as an APA resource. Your assignment will be graded based on the rubric, which can be viewed when clicking on the assignment link.

Assignment Resource(s):

Watch VideoTCP/IP and the OSI Model Explained!

Duration: (36:35)

This is the big picture explanation of the TCP/IP protocol and how it maps to the OSI model. The big picture covers the OSI model layers and their functions, TCP/IP layers, functions, PDUs and addressing. Then it shows how the many different network devices are mapped to the TCP/IP protocol.


The function f(z) is complex valued in the complex plane. f(z) is bounded and entire. Prove that f(z) must be a constant.


I just need to write an essay based on the information I have given you. It’s an easy essay! I have shown an example/ idea of how the essay should be written


Instructions: Go online and research a company/jobs. Find a job description for a job you are interested in. Answer the questions below. Please copy and paste (or screenshot)/attach the job description.

Title of position:





What did you learn about the business from their website? Pick 2-3 aspects. Perhaps talk about the product, structure, people, mission, values, culture, etc.

What did you learn about the business from a search engine? Are they in the news? Social media? What do former employees say about it? A financial analyst?

How are you a match for this job? Think of what you can provide the company, and what the company can provide you with.

Do you meet the requirements? If not, what steps will you take to ensure you meet them in the future?

Now that you have an action plan to meet the job description, what else do you need to do to secure the position?

[1 point for the first 5, 2 points for the questions].

Quantum theory

Several questions

3 pg paper

Topic: Dementia 

Sources: 2 

Pages: 3 pgs double spaced

Minimum word count: 500

and a works cited page


Network Management Paper: In this paper, you will research and report on network management tools associated with (1) policy compliance, (2) bandwidth management, and (3) asset management. Compare and contrast, at least, one tool for each of the three network management areas. What is the best tool for each area? Can one tool be used for managing more than one area? Why or why not? Support your information and make sure all information sources are appropriately cited.

The paper must use APA 6th ed., 7th printing formatting and contain a title page, 3 to 5 pages of content, and a minimum of three peer-reviewed references. Plagiarism must not be more than 10% thank you.

Assignment Resource(s):

Watch Video Top Tools and Techniques for Improving Network Management

Duration: (49:31)
User: n/a – Added: 1/30/13

Learn how to identify the causes of slow network performance and how solutions like Windows Intue and System Center VMM can help improve performance.


  1. Why Study Finance?
  1. Marketplace/Recruitment
  1. Investment Banker’s Bonuses Jump 25%
  1. Wall Street bonus up, Life Styles Aren’t
  1. CSFB Doles Out Hefty Pay Package to Retain Bankers

All articles are attached.

Please summarize each of the above articles. All the summaries (including the article 6 which you will pick at your own. See below!) should not be more than two typed pages in total (single spaced). That is, you will write a paragraph or more on each article and you will turn in not more than 2 typed pages in total.

After developing summaries of the above articles please search for a recent article (within the last one year or so) related to the compensation (bonuses) of financial executives. It may be easier to find articles in the area of investment banking area. I presented you above five articles related to the compensations and bonuses in the past. Now you will find a current article and I am sure that you will see “continuity”. That is, good or bad weather, the market place in the free market economy, rewards generously to the financial executives. Please develop a summary of the current article which you will find at your own. That is you will turn in a total of 6 summaries.