African Arts Heritage Artist Inquiry

African Arts Heritage Artist Inquiry

In this course, we will introduce many important artists and cultural figures. This paper is your opportunity to become familiar with one person. You will also be asked to share your understanding. Your focus is to provide an understanding of this artists importance or contribution using an example from their body of work.



1. Develop a paper discussing how or why this individual is important to the development of Black art/culture. In your paper:

· Provide a brief background on the artist. Include colleagues or influences.

· When are they are creating?

· What are the issues, concerns or interests of Black Artists in this period?

· Identify and describe one “work” that would help others to understand the artist you are focused on? Why or how does this work support your views?

· Due 10/28/20


Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length. Please attach a bibliography page and cite your sources.



The complete paper will:


· Provide a clear overview of the artist including general background and focus on the time period in which s/he created.

· Describe a significant issue or concern for the artist related to Black cultural ideas discussed in class.

· Identify and discuss a significant work of art by the artist. What makes the work significant or important?

· Be well organized and grammatically correct and include proper citations. You will be submitting this paper online and any plagiarism will be obvious and is reason to forfeit this assignment.

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