American History of Affluent Society

American History of Affluent Society Read primary source documents 27-1, “Edith Stern Attacks the Domestic Bondage of Women” and 27-2, “Vance Packard Analyzes the Age of Affluence.” Look at the images in powerpoint presentation #4, “Domesticity.

Do the documents suggest that all Americans accepted and embraced the ideal of domestic bliss offered in these images? What objections to this ideal did the writers raise? How might the kitchen gadgets highlighted in these images appear to Edith Stern? To Vance Packard? If many women were unhappy in their domestic roles, why might these happy images have become so pervasive?

This essay assesses lesson objectives #3 and #4

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Two to Three pages (about 750 words)

. Here’s the link: In addition, this course requires you to consult a collection of primary source documents for several of your assignments. Below I am pasting URLs to a few sources you can find online to help with essays 1, 3, 5, and 7. If you have been able to obtain a copy of the assigned reader, it will be more convenient and complete, but consider this an alternative if you are unable to get a copy in a timely manner.Thompson and Gompers to pg. 90)Wilson and Debs and Packard and Heinl