An effective design for conducting nursing research

An effective design for conducting nursing research

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When conducting a research project, the first task is to develop the question. It may take the researcher a few attempts before the question is written in the right way. The question must be written so that it is a clear measurable task with a specific demographic (Keough& Tanabe, 2011, pg 2).


The purpose of this discussion is to develop questions that determine the patients point of view and what can be improved throughout the hospital. I will consider factors such as ease of care, patient wait time, friendliness of staff, and likelihood that the patient would recommend that hospital to others.


When developing these questions, it is important to make them clear, understandable, nonbiased and sensitive to the patient’s situation (Polit& Beck, 2017, pg 277). In order to make the questions clear and understandable it is important to use lay terms and technical terms (Polit & Beck, 2017, pg 278).

After considering these guidelines, and many more, I was able to develop five questions for patients to answer.

  1. How long did you wait before being seen in the emergency room and was it to your satisfaction?
  2. How long did you wait for a response to the call bell and was it to your satisfaction?
  3. Did the staff knock, announce themselves and greet you each time they came into the room? If not please explain
  4. Was the staff willing to answer questions about your care when you had them? If not please explain.
  5. Would you recommend this hospital to a friend or family member? Why or why not.

Collecting Data

For this scenario, I think it would be most appropriate to send the survey over e-mail, or a web based survey with the link in an e-mail after the patient is discharge. The patient will be more likely to answer the questions honestly if they know they can e-mail it back anonymously. If the patient is given the survey while still in the hospital they may feel obligated to answer a certain way knowing that a member of the care team will be the one collecting it.  E-mailing the survey will be cost effective and can be distributed to a large population. (Polit &Beck, 2017, pg 281). I believe that in order to have an adequate sample size the surveys should be sent to every patient that is discharged from the hospital for one month. Once the month is over and the survey is evaluated the hospital can make an attempt to change the negative things discussed in the survey and then resend out the surveys to another set of patients to see if satisfaction improved. I believe that the surveys should be sent to every patient because selecting a small group will not get an accurate result. Some patients are not happy when they are in the hospital and have a negative attitude. If the survey is sent to only a handful of patients, you may only reach the ones who had a negative experience. You may also only reach the ones who had a positive experience. If the survey is sent to every patient is will also be able to show repetition. If all patients had the same complaints, then multiple surveys will come back stating that proving that the complaint was not made by one unhappy patient.


Keough, V.A., & Tanabe, P. (2011). Survey Research: An effective design for conducting nursing research, Journal of Nursing Regulation 1(4) 37-44.

Polit, D. F., & Beck, C. T. (2017). Nursing research: Generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice (10th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer.

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