ANA Webinar Reflection

ANA Webinar Reflection

Purpose: The racial and health disparities related to COVID-19 are staggering. This ANA (American Nurses Association) Webinar will address this particular topic.  Along with this webinar, the article by McNeely et al. (2020) further examines this issue.  Here are just a few of the concepts that will be addressed:


Directions: Watch the “How You Can Have a Direct Impact on Reducing the Devastating Racial Disparities of COVID-19” and read “Social Determinant and COVID-19 Disparities: Differential pandemic Effects and Dynamics” article Webinar and then answer the following questions. All answers will either come directly from the Webinar or you will be able to answer the questions by using the article and honest reflection.







1. According to the webinar, what is the mortality rate of Black Americans due to COVID-19 as of 5/20/2020?


2. According to the webinar, in a 2018 study, what percentage of Americans have at least one chronic disease? What are the five most common co-morbidities linked to COVID-19 deaths or those individuals hospitalized?


3. At the time of this webinar, what was the current “hot spot” relating to COVID in the US? What was the COVID-19 death rate for this particular race/ethnicity?


4. Explain how the individual, social, and societal level factors all play a role within minorities and COVID-19.

5. Describe implicit bias. How does this affect healthcare and/or play a role in the racial disparity of COVID-19?

6. What can health systems and health care providers do to address inequities in their communities, especially during this time of COVID-19? How can you personally, a future nurse, address the work of racial disparity?


7. What is the implication for public health to know the numbers presented in the webinar and article?


8. Does your current state have a health disparity with respect to race and COVID-19 cases? If so, how and where did you go to find that information?

9. On a personal note, what are some aspects of your life that you may have taken for granted before and during the pandemic?

10. Just because I love asking this question (and it never hurts to reflect on this) tell me your “why”. Why did you decide to become a nurse?

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