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Journal: Importance of Analysis (GRADED)

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This week you took the next step in analysis by looking more closely at a passage from a selected reading. In doing so, you uncovered ideas that may have been difficult to identify during your cursory, literal reading of the text.

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In this journal, reflect on the importance of analysis. How can your analysis contribute to how other people understand your selected reading? What do you think is your ultimate goal in analyzing your selected reading? What sort of audience do you think would benefit from any insights produced from your analysis of this particular reading?

In total, the reflection should be three fully developed paragraphs (5-8 sentences each) in length (consider one paragraph per question). As you work on the journal, remember to refer to the download/print the rubric.

Submitting Your Journal Assignment

For this assignment, you may choose to use the MindEdge Notebook (which can be found under the “Course Tools” menu), or you can type your response into a word processing program on your computer, such as Microsoft Word. Either way, you will need to save your journal entry and then submit it to your instructor through Blackboard.

To submit your journal entry, use the “Assignment Submissions” link in your Blackboard course. Then, click on the assignment link titled “Journal: Importance of Analysis,” and follow the prompts to complete the assignment.