Anglo-Saxon Epic Project Assignment Sheet

Directions: After understanding the various types of Anglo-Saxon literature, students will complete an epic project that identifies the various characteristics of an epic appearing in Beowulf. Use the following directions to successfully complete the project:

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  1. The project will have 10 slides—one for each epic characteristic
  2. Students can use any kind of presentation software desired (Prezi, PowerPoint, Emaze, etc.)
  3. The information on each slide should be a well-developed paragraph
  4. Each epic characteristic will serve as the topic sentence for each paragraph
  5. Each topic sentence (epic characteristic) must then be supported by cited evidence from the text
  6. Each paragraph must include an analysis that shows how the evidence fully supports the topic sentence
  7. Each slide must have an image that corresponds to the epic characteristic and include other creative elements
  8. MLA format must be present

Proofreading Checklist: Look for the following errors when proofreading

  • Spelling errors
  • Comma, Semi-Colon, and Colon errors
  • MLA format errors
  • Fragment and Run-On errors
  • Apostrophe errors

Remember the following requirements while polishing the final project:

  • Introduction
  • Paragraph form
  • Proper thesis statement
  • Topic sentences that relate to the thesis statement
  • On topic development and transitions
  • Evidence that supports claims
  • Integrated evidence
  • Correct in-text citations
  • Analysis of evidence that does not summarize
  • Conclusion sentences for each body paragraph
  • Conclusion paragraph that does not summarize
  • Proper Works Cited page

Submit the completed assignment wh