Anticoagulant Power Point

Anticoagulant Power Point

Scholarly power point presentation due Friday October 30th 

Medications are: Warfarin (Coumadin) and Heparin 

±Minimum Number of Slides: 15

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±Maximum Number of Slides: 22

±The presentation must include the following information (1 slide per topic)

°Title Page: Title of the project (Your assigned medication classification), your name, school name, name of the class

°Mechanism of Action of your assigned drug classification

°Clinical Use of medications in this class

°Names of medications included in this class

°Select 2 medications (of your choice) and expand: Dosage form and doses, uses of the particular drug you selected, special consideration of this medication (1 medication per slide)

°Nursing implications

°Last slide: References in APA Format (Use Peer Reviewed Sources Only).

°You  may add pictures, and effects to your power point presentation

°Do not copy and paste