Applying Process Improvement Models

Applying Process Improvement Models

I will attach what information I already have for this project and the rubric…it is a 6 week project…currently wk 3

I work in hospice. It is expected that we evaluate and know when a patient is declining to be able to increase visits to monitor the patient more closely. Using the edmonten symptom assessment system allows you to trend the patients symptoms and thereby increasing visits as needed when the pt declines. Our numbers indicate that we are not increasing the visits on declining patients based on not having a skilled nursing visit 3-5 days before death.

Choose a Quality Improvement Model from Chapter 5 in the Spath (2018) textbook, and apply this model to your practice problem. Please do not choose Lean or Six Sigma as your quality model unless you have an expert in these quality models in your organization to guide you through the process.

Pick one of these:

PDSA (p.124). Plan do study act
RCI (p.127). rapid cycle improvement
FOCUS PDCA (p.128). focus-plan-do-check-act
FADE (p.129). focus analyze develop and execute

By Day 4

Post a Discussion entry describing the model that you selected and how each step of the model will be used to develop the plan for the Practice Experience Project. Continue to collaborate with the selected individuals in your practice environment as needed in the development of the Practice Experience Project, and share this information with your group.

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