BrightHeart and Developing Cardiovascular Disease

BrightHeart and Developing Cardiovascular Disease

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First reply:

Jessica Pittman

BrightHeart Attachment


Section Nine


Service Benefits to Clients

BrightHeart assists in providing valuable resources to clients identified in Horry County who are high risk for developing Cardiovascular Disease. Navigating the healthcare system can be tricky and creates a barrier between the provider and patient. With Cardiovascular Disease taking precedence for the number one killer in our country for more than a century, it is pressing that we intervene with public health initiatives centered around promoting heart health. BrightHeart will Our program is offered at no-cost, requires no fees, and provides all services at no-cost to participants.

Service Distribution

BrightHeart will accrue a minimum of eight venues throughout the county that are conveniently located in areas that have been determined as high risk for developing Cardiovascular Disease. The agency has one central location and collaborates with various churches, support groups, healthcare centers, and others agencies willing to accommodate our program on a recurrent basis. By utilizing such agenicies who are willing to work alongside us and allow for the use of weekly meetings at their facilities, we will be able to keep costs low and distribution of services high. Resources, informational seminars, and discussions will be hosted during weekly meetings to distribute services. Participants may also visit or contact our central location during normal business hours for assistance related to heart health needs.

Product/service Marketing

  • Solutions
    • Often residents of lower-income communities lack access to healthcare and resort to utilizing emergency departments for primary care.This creates an economical burden for both the patient and provider.By intervening on primary, secondary and tertiary levels, BrightHeart will reduce the overall emergency department visits as a result of high blood pressure by 25% over the next three years.
  • Access
    • Accessibility of services that educate the particpants on heart healthy lifestyles will be ensured through facilitating an environment that is conducive to the participant. Locations for operations in communities at high risk, both central and satellite, will incorporate both geographical determinants, literacy levels of participants and ability to implement the strategies being promoted in one’s life.
  • Value
    • By providing our clients appropriate resources at no cost, we will help both the consumer and provider reduce healthcare costs from unnecessary trips to the emergency department. Our services are not only valuable from a monetary aspect. BrightHeart will reduce healthcare barriers among participants and will reduce the strain on our healthcare providers through education, prevention and more. At least 75% of program participants will be able to monitor their blood pressure outside of the doctor’s by August 1, 2021.
  • Education

Every year millions of deaths all around the world are a direct result of Cardiovascular Diseases than could be prevented by early detection.2 BrightHeart will improve the efficacy of participants to monitor, detect and prevent such occurrences. By equipping our participants with the knowledge, tools and motive do so, we will mobilize those who are at high risk to make necessary lifestyle changes that will prevent the onsent or worsening of Cardiovascular Diseases.

Communication and Marketing Conclusion

Transparent correspondence will always take place among facilators, participants and stakeholders through utilization of the appropriate platforms. Feedback gathered while interacting with participants will be directly implemented into strategical operations. BrightHeart is supported by a dedicated team of volunteers and stakeholders who hold a vested interest in reducing rates of Cardiovascular Diseases in Horry County. The program will adhere to all guidelines defined by HIPAA and local ordinances to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation.


  1. Bhatt J, Bathija P. Ensuring Access to Quality Health Care in Vulnerable Communities. Acad Med. 2018;93(9):1271-1275. doi:10.1097/ACM.0000000000002254.
  2. Karunathilake SP, Ganegoda GU. Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases and Application of Technology for Early Diagnosis. Biomed Res Int. 2018;2018:5767864. Published 2018 May 8. doi:10.1155/2018/5767864.

second reply:

Deondra Daniel

DB 5


Section Nine


The Building Healthy Community for Vulnerable is a health care agency that provides health care and supportive services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The organization has developed a strategic communication and marketing plan to help grow awareness and understanding of the importance of improving health for people with disabilities. The communication and marketing plan will lead people with disabilities to the organization that will provide the services to help maximize their independence, community inclusion, and health needs. Also, educating people with disabilities the importance of living a healthy lifestyle with leading them to join the health care agency Building Health Community.

The primary target audience of my intended population is people with disabilities. Since people with disabilities are three times more likely to experience chronic health conditions than people without disabilities. Chronic health conditions are associated with the obesity epidemic among the disabled population.1 Also, the lack of information and understand why it is important to lead a healthy life to expand life span among this vulnerable population. This will be the focal point of the marketing strategy to this audience, helping them understand the importance to keep living a healthy active fulfilling life.

The intended secondary target audience is direct support staff and medical professionals, and providers. This target audience plays a major role in support, motivation, and promoting a healthy lifestyle among people with disabilities. The need to increase awareness, knowledge, and education to be more interpersonal with the disabled population, mainly in a health care setting is an important role. Marketing to this target audience is important and a key to having a successful health agency.

“Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. 1 Timothy 5:8”2

Brochures will be created to access the communicate blog site that provided information about the health agency organization which will be sent out via mail and email. Second, an information session will be held for individuals who are interested in the healthcare agency and the different support services provided as well as more detailed information on other resources provided such as health promotion programs. Third, the organization will reach out to the disabled population via social media regarding the program on the Maryland Health Department website.

A blog site will not only promote joining our agency but also promotes fitness programs, health educational seminars, and other preventive activities as well as host support group meetings through the blog sit. Also, will provide a health education to grow awareness, education and equip individuals with the resources to help individuals with disabilities to live a healthy life by combating obesity, chronic illness, and increasing physical activity with proper nutrition. Lastly, we provide daily motivational text and emails to subscriptions to the blog site. This gives people with disabilities motivational support and pushes them to remind them why it is important to live a healthy life. We aim to change the behaviors that are the responsibility of individual social norms to shift their behavior to a positive active lifestyle.


  1. Access
  1. The blog site will portray a professional, easy to ready, and disability user-friendly that shows potential consumers that they can trust the resources and information provided to them.
  2. The unique selling point of the blog is being able to access the phone app that is associated with the blog site after subscribing to the organization’s information list. The phone app will able to let you connect with other peers.
  1. Solution
  1. The blog site will be disability user friendly with colorful and brilliant. For example, underline, highlight, or contrast the link in the text to display them from regular text. This will help color blind users to find the link easily without wasting time hovering the cursor over different parts of the sentence. Also, voice recording to read the text.
  1. Value
  1. The blog site will be provided at no cost
  2. Education and information about resources to help improve an individual’s life should and will be valued at no cost within the public health field.
  1. Education
  1. The blog site will be informative for all people not just people without disabilities. Individuals can refer to the service to gain awareness and understanding of the disability population

The organization will use other mass media channels, internet, and multimedia channels to communicate the platform and promote for optimal health of this vulnerable population. Television, paid media advertisements, social media, and blogs will be overall the best media use for the Building a Healthy Community for Vulnerable mission and vision of the agency. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will be available as well as brochures handed out around the community. We will also reach out to the local radio station such as WPGC 95.5.

“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. Ephesians 4:32”2

The Agency Communication Objectives: (1) after 3 months of advertising, 30% of people with disabilities residents of Maryland will enroll to attend a health education seminar; (2) after 6 months of advertising and attending health education seminars, 45% people with disabilities of Maryland residents will enroll into the free 1-year fitness program, Road Map to Fitness; (3) after a year of The Building a Healthier Communities foundation blog, 60% of people of disabilities of Maryland residents will inquire about the different resources available to help to understand why it is important to lead a long and healthy life, as well as different activities to partake in to stay healthy. (4) By January 2021, 30% of people with disabilities who visited the blog site has joined and enrolled in our health agency the Building Healthy Community. Also, 10% of hired staff learned about the agency through the blog site and/or advertisement.


  1. Disability and Health-Related Conditions | CDC. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Published in 2020. Accessed October 2, 2020.
  2. New International Version. Holy Bible


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