chemistry question 1

3.explain the large in crease in ionization energy needed to remove the third electron from beryllium compared with that needed for the second electron. 

4.does the first ionization energy increase or decrease form top to bottom in the periodic table for the alkali metal family?

14. it is a form in the files!!!

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15.draw the lewis structure for Cs,Ba,Tl,Pb,Po,At,and do these structures correlate with the group on which each element occurs?

18.state whether the elements in each group gain or lose electrons in order to achieve a noble gas configuration.

A.group1A(1) 6A(16)

B.group2A(2)         D.Group 7A(17)

21.if the formula for calcium phosphate is Ca3(PO4)2, predict the formulas of magnesium phosphate , beryllium phosphate , strontium phosphate ,and barium phosphate. a polar covalent bond , how do you determine which atom has a partial negative charge ( δ -) and which has a partial positive charge ( δ+)? the files !!!