Cholera Outbreaks Discussion

Cholera Outbreaks Discussion

Be sure to adhere to the following guidelines when you post your responses:

a. You must fully respond to the question.

b. Please respond to each question in one short paragraph.

1. Dr.John Snow later studied the London Cholera Outbreaks where he develop a hypothesis for the transmission of Cholera. Describe the main element of his hypothesis and the Chain of Infection for Cholera.

2. During the 1848 London Cholera outbreak, Dr.Snow realized he could test his hypothesis for the transmission of Cholera using local water companies, his Grand Experiment. Please describe why he choose these two water companies and the data he collected to test his hypothesis.

3. What were the results of Dr.John Snow’s Grand Experiment, texting his hypothesis for the transmission of Cholera in London?

4.Briefly describe Contact Tracing and testing for an infectious (such as COVID-19). Specifically address how the results of Contact Tracing and Testing can be used to break the Chain of Infection and reduce disease transmission?

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