Civil Rights and the 1950s

Civil Rights and the 1950s

Please watch Crash Course US History #39: Civil Rights and the 1950s.  You can find it here:

After you’ve watched the video, create a new thread, using your name as the subject, in which you answer the following questions:

1: Why was the 1950s a time of affluence for many Americans?

2: What was Levittown?  How did suburbs and car culture change the country?  Were all these changes positive?

3: What were the criticisms of American society and the way it was changing?

4: What was the start of the “modern” Civil Rights movement?  What changed in the 1950s?  What was the NAACP’s strategy?

5: What was the “true” story of Rosa Parks?  How does it differ from the story about her that has been traditionally told?  Why is this important?

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