This discussion requires data collection of three personal narratives (you and two other people). Consider selecting people from the following age groups: 18-22, 30-40, and 50+; then talk with them about the following topic.

“Think about TWO of your earliest childhood experiences in as much detail as you can. Write about each story as though you/they were telling it to someone.”  
Also ask each person to write down the following information:The age at which the event occurred, to the best of his/her or your knowledge.State the reason/way that the age is known (e.g., photographs or parents confirmed it).

Discussion EssayEvaluate the stories you collected (i.e., DO NOT SIMPLY POST THE STORIES).State (based on the readings and consistent with the date you have) the most logical reason why people have difficulty recalling experiences from infancy/toddlerhood.Provide a general description of your mini-experiment by indicating:First, the earliest age someone recalled an event and the average age.Second, what you believe made the events they retold emotionally salient or special (e.g., scary, thrilling, or novel) without repeating the stories, although you may give us the highlights.Finally, which of these retold memories do you believe were accurately recalled, and which were not? Specify your reasons (e.g., evidence from photographs or parents confirmed it).

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