Compose a 500 words assignment on holocaust memorial visit.

Compose a 500 words assignment on holocaust memorial visit. Needs to be plagiarism free! I. My like and dislike about the Memorial I like the idea that the Memorial was built to remember the suffering of the Jews during the Holocaust. Ina way, it is the Germans apology of their war crimes during the Second World War and an admission of its guilt. It is also unusual that a country would built a monument to remember its collective guilt becaue usually, countries only erect monument to honor its glory.

I do not like the feel of the memorial. Its creepy especially when I am in between those two narrow cobbled stones. It also seems to look bland.

II. The exclusivity of commemorating the Jewish victims

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For a race that was almost annihilated and made extinct by Hitler’s genocide, it is only proper that their suffering be commemorated and such remembrance will only be exclusive to them. The purpose is not to dilute the message of how terrible a war crime is when the commemoration is remembered along with other circumstances during the Second World War. Their pain and suffering during the war cannot be compensated by any gesture but at least that by solely remembering them can mitigate the pain caused by the Holocaust.

III. Eisenmann’s preference of No Ort. My stand.

It is quite absurd as an idea for a Museum to be built underground because it defeats the very purpose of erecting that Museum. Museums are built to memorialize or remember something. To memorialize and remember it, the museum has to be seen by the most number of people possible. Constructing it underground not only defeats its purpose but it sends the message that it is concealing the atrocities that was done to the Jews during the Holocaust.

IV. Why the US taxpayers money should not be used to commemorate the Jewish victims

It is the Germans who committed those war crimes against the Jews during the Second World War and not the Americans. And as such, it is only proper that German’s taxpayer should be used to build those monuments as a form of remuneration for what they have done to the Jews during the Holocaust. Americans should not pay to commemorate a crime they did not commit.