Critical Reflection Discussion

Critical Reflection Discussion

Students will complete a critical reflection on the assigned chapters of the book. Students must prepare the reflection with quality writing; content should flow and be appropriate for the assignment. This is NOT merely a summary of what you heard and read, rather a critical analysis of your thoughts and perceptions. If your reflection is simply a summary, you may not earn the maximum points.

As you reflect on the assigned reading, consider things such as:

  • What is the overall theme of these chapters?
  • What issue(s) is the author attempting to shed light on?
  • How do these chapters relate to global health concepts discussed in class?
  • Concepts that I do not clearly understand…
  • Questions I might ask the author about her writing

The aforementioned questions are not conclusive, but rather suggestions to assist you in writing the reflection.

Students must submit at least 3-4 complete paragraphs for full credit.


I uploaded the chapters in word document:

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