Cuyamaca Coronavirus and Rising Threat of Malnutrition among Children

Cuyamaca Coronavirus and Rising Threat of Malnutrition among Children

First watch this great TED talk on Cholera in London

(Links to an external site.)

Then watch this (Links to an external site.)

Describe a way to track a factor (contributor) to discover a patterns/relationships of a problem-a disease, contamination or behavior. The contributor could be the environment, a behavior, a belief or even a community factor.

For example, you could pick smog (environment) and asthma rates of admission. Problem: asthma Contributor: smog Map: air quality with asthma hospital admissions

For a community factor, I recall studying mapping the lack of grocery stores in poor neighborhoods contributing to health outcomes due to lack of access to vegetables.Problem: obesity in lower socio-economic groups Contributor: lack of fresh fruit/veggies Map: grocery vs convenience stores in areas with high and low home values

And another that includes beliefs/behaviors Problem: Covid Contributor: differences in political views Map: Covid rate with political party voting per county

You can even pick something positive! Problem suicide rate Contributor community support Map number of worship houses or even rates of dog ownership!

Don’t think too hard! Use those reasons you are taking a class in public health and pick something that interests you! EVERY reply should have ONE problem with background or a reference, ONE contributing factor and ONE way to map it. Please don’t do a huge overview of the problem. Intervention strategies are optional.

Refer to the grading rubric!!!! Grading Rubric for Discussions.docx

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