Describe the singing style

Describe the singing style

6. Report 6 (Nationalistic Song): CD 2.  Select ONE  of the following:


a) Track 9, Así Es Mi Tierra (Irasema Terraza & Gustavo Cuautli)


b) Track 10, Yo Soy Mexicano (Jorge Negrete)


c) Track 11,  Canción Mixteca (Los Nacionales de Jacinto Gatica)




Include the title, the name of the composer (if known) and of the performer. Describe


the singing style. Comment on the vocalist’s  breath control and vowel placement. Was


there use of chest voice or falsete? Comment on the lyrics (see translations in course


reader) . Is the song  defiant, tender, passionate, remorseful, detached? Is there any


imagery used? Is there any message? Identify the type of instrumental




DUE DATE:Monday, March 30.

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