Differences and Similarities of International Students Sub Groups Validation Experiences with Academic Advising

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My dissertation topic is “Differences and Similarities of International Students’ Sub Groups Validation Experiences with Academic Advising”. The study will investigate the gap in current literature on the part that academic advising plays in international community college students’ adjustment as the whole and what academic advisors can adopt to improve advising practices with international sub groups students (Zhang,2016). On the basis of validation theory, this study aims to better understand the role that academic advising plays in international subgroups community college students’ adjustment. College advisors are often engaging in advising those students. How do these students perceive the validation? What is their experience? Validation is a supporting and accommodating process that brings adjustment and development in academic and individual life of the foreign student in a new college environment (Rendón Linares & Muñoz, 2011).On top of this gap that should be filled, there are potentially convincing and interesting factors that influences one to peruse in the investigation .Scholars had contributed on international students challenges in areas such as alienation and racism (Lee & Rice, 2007), cultural differences (Sato & Hodge, 2015), and multiple studies reported that International Students face tremendous difficulties when they try to adjust due to cultural, linguistic, social, and educational and financial problems (Crockett and Hays, 2011) and Zhang and Ozuna (2015) recognized college advisors’ are decisive to students’ academic and interpersonal validation which ultimately minimize the problem.

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