Disaster Management

Disaster Management

oversee Disaster Management for Sentinel City.  The healthcare  team has just been notified that there was a tornado that ripped through  Casper Park and Acer Tech Center in Sentinel City.  You visit these  areas of the city and observe services, routes, and populations that are  impacted due to the tornado.

  1. Describe the potential public health effects, infrastructure damage and environmental hazards related to the tornado.
  2. Describe the members and roles of the emergency management team and  organizations (public and private) that would be activated in Sentinel  City.
  3. Considering each phase of emergency management:  Preparedness:   What steps should you as the community/public health nurse take to  prepare the citizens of Sentinel City for this type of disaster? Response:  You are the only nurse at the scene.  What actions would you take? Recovery:  How would you handle recovery efforts for the city?  What specific things should be addressed?

You must use at least 2 scholarly references besides your textbook to support your answ

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