After watching the video please complete the following:

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  • What was the dilemma for Denny?
  • What was the dilemma for Susan?
  • Where both of them looking out for the best interests of the company?
  • What would the consequences be for Denny if he went to the media?
  • How would you handle this if you were Denny? Based upon your involvement with this situation, please list the stakeholders you considered when making your decision.
  • What information would you need to make your decision?

Please address these questions and discuss how you would handle this situation if you were Denny and what would be your final decision if the company did not comply with your (Denny’s) ultimatum. Please base your final decision utilizing your current living, current financial situation and the current economic situation. Additionally, please discuss with your classmates the topic of whistle-blowing and how it can impact an organization.