Economic History of Europe

Economic History of Europe

Please answer all three questions. If you quote a paper or use an idea from a paper you are expected to cite the paper. Use APA format for citations. I am not expecting overly long answers, but you should defend your answers as well as you can.

This assignment is for my class Economic History of Europe. Answer the questions from an economical POV. Gauge the powerpoints for ideas of what to discuss.

I have attached papers relevant as well as powerpoint presentations. I will include additional readings once work has started.

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#1: We read several papers about the reconquest of Spain and the expulsion of the Muslim community. The question: How might Spain’s development have been different had they been more tolerant of the Muslim community?

#2: We discussed “Institutions” a great deal. Pick two of the institutions we read about and discuss their evolution in Western Europe. Consider the factors that drove the institutions to change over time. In addition, consider the impacts the changing institutions had on economic activity.

#3: The “Horsemen Effect” helps explain Western European exceptionalism. Based on what we read about Spain, that country suffered from plaque, war and urbanization. The question: if the horsemen effect explains part of the divergence between Western Europe and the rest of the world why did it not affect Western Europe equally?