Europe as a Global Superpower Discussion

Europe as a Global Superpower Discussion

six to seven pages in length that answers this question. Your essay must be written in MLA style , in 12-point Times New Roman or Calibri. It must conform to the citation requirements of whichever style you choose. For sources you may use the Carter and Warren textbook, the assigned milestone documentsand any other reliable sources you can find in the library or online. Be particularly careful with online resources as, to be frank, any idiot can put something online (and many do). If in doubt, consult your professor on a given source as to its reliability.

this what the professor need ,but what I need is to make quite simple and don’t focus on one thing

here is the whole question.

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By the dawn of the twentieth century, the world was almost entirely ruled, either directly or indirectly, by the great powers of Europe. How did this come to be, how did other regions attempt to resist European dominance, and what consequences did the process have for subsequent world history?