for michelle lewis only

  Discuss the major perspectives in psychology.  What are the major assumptions associated with these perspectives?  Which one stands out to you and why?

  A researcher has had their research approved by the Institutional Review Board to use monkeys in her experiment. She discovers there are only 20 monkeys when more are needed, and one of her colleagues suggests they use rats instead. What should be done? A clinical psychologist starts to have feelings for one of his female patients. What is the most ethical standard in this situation? A counseling psychologist is meeting with a patient, who shares that he has committed a crime. What are the legal and ethical considerations of this situation? A researcher has been allowed to use deception in her study, but realizes at the end that she forgot to debrief one of the groups who took part in the study. What should be done?


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 Discuss nature vs nurture in a paragraph

Write a paragraph on humanistics

What is Gestalt psychology