Gilgamesh and Growth Heroes

Gilgamesh and Growth Heroes

Answer the following questions in two to four sentences each.

1. Is the fertility goddess Ishtar evil? Why or why not?

2.What serious flaws of character does Gilgamesh possess at the beginning of the story?

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3.What effect were his flaws having on his kingdom?

4.Why does Ninsun send Enkidu to be raised in the wild? What would he learn from that?

5.Why does Ninsun send Gilgamesh dream instead of scolding or threatening him? How do these dreams work psychologically?

6.In what ways does Enkidu “balance” Gilgamesh’s personality and change him? Give an example.

7.Name three lessons that Gilgamesh learns.

8.How does grief for Enkidu change Gilgamesh?

9. What biblical story appears in Gilgamesh? What might it mean that the story appears in our version during the same period that the bible was being assembled?

10.What does Gilgamesh hang on the walls of Uruk, and why is this important?