God Restoration Plan Religious Themes in Art Image

God Restoration Plan Religious Themes in Art Image

The theme is: Religious themes in art

2. You need to use the artistic work that I give you (there are three works), I choose three, and you need to write them. (related with the theme)

3. You need to find two or three more artistic work which related Religious in art, and write them. (related with the theme)

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4. In the powerpoint, it just include the art pictures. In the essay, you will turn in a description of the exhibition. This document will consist of an introduction (tell us about your theme, and how you are tracing that theme through these works), at least one paragraph per work (explain how each one relates to the major theme, why you chose it, what it can tell us about its particular time period/culture/context, its meaning/function and its intended audience). Finish with a brief conclusion that ties everything together.

5. Writing for every art work should be able to 200-300 words.