health care finance final paper

St. Mary’s Hospital Memorial Foundation:

Here is the hospital website to use for your 6 questions

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  • Please include at least two outside sources using APA 6th edition style and format.
  • Please make sure there is no Plagiarism in this paper
  • The paper is 5 pages

Below are the topics you should cover in your paper:

  • Give the history of the organization include the vision, mission and value statements, if possible.
  • What type of services or products do they provide?
  • Do a SWOTT analysis on this organization.
  • Perform a basic financial health analysis on this organization, include, if possible:(you should be able to make a couple of general statements about the financial health of the organization)
    • Revenues
    • Expenses
    • Current Ratio = Current Assets/Current Liabilities
    • Debt Ratio = Total Debt/Total Assets
    • Total Margin = Net Income/Total Revenues
    • Cash Flow
  • Based on your analysis, would this be an organization that you would use or want to work for? Why?
  • Give your recommendations to the BOD whether they should invest in this organization. 3 recommendations. Be specific

Question 4 is already been answered in this below green writing, you do not have to answer question 4.Just use the numbers for your Question 6

the rest of the questions are attached in the word document