Health Promotion Across the Lifespan

Health Promotion Across the Lifespan

Go to the website and complete the Health Risk Assessment. You will NOT submit the online results of the HRA for grading. (The HRA will ask for some information such as blood pressure and cholesterol levels, but if you do not know that information, you may click “I don’t know.”)

For each section of the Health Risk Assessment in the document below, provide a substantial summary of your results from the HRA taken online. In each section’s summary, be sure to include any additional information of your health and lifestyle that might play a role in your overall wellness.

You will contract to change/improve one health behavior during this course. Your Health Risk Assessment can give you guidance on your choice, but you do not have to choose to work on the area in which you scored lowest on your Health Risk Assessment.

Part of the contract requires you to evaluate your current “stage of change” according to the stages described by Zimmerman, Olsen, and Bosworth in the article, “A ‘Stages of Change’ Approach to Helping Patients Change Behavior.” (

You will be tracking your progress toward the goals in your contract by completing journal entries for four weeks, then analyze your motivation, successes, and obstacles in the final week of the course.


· Devise a personal Health Promotion contract to be used for the duration of the course.

· Discuss the Stages of Change model in relation to health behavior changes for others and self.


Use this rubric to guide your work on the assignment, “Health Risk Assessment and Health Promotion Contract.”

Task Accomplished Competent Needs Improvement
Health Risk Assessment

(Total 50 points)

All sections include thorough summaries of the online HRA results, with additional details of your health and lifestyle that might play a role in your overall wellness (ie. “I don’t drink or smoke” is not considered a substantial explanation)

(50 points)

At least 5 sections completed thoroughly, with substantial summaries and additional details, but not all sections completed thoroughly with substantial detail

(35 points)

At least 2 sections completed thoroughly, with substantial summaries and additional details, or no sections completed thoroughly.

(15 points)

Health Promotion Contract

(Total 50 points)

Student must submit HP Contract to pass this course

All 5 sections completed, including measurable goals, correct target dates, and reasonable rewards, etc…

Each item inserted in the correct field on the template (goals, dates, rewards, etc…)

(50 points)


All sections completed, but not all goals are measureable, dates are missing or all not inserted in the template, missing some or all rewards

(35 points)

Minimal sections addressed completely or correctly, or no sections addressed



Please note: If your goals are not measurable, your Journal Analysis grade also will be affected. Your goals must be measurable so that you can analyze whether you did or did not meet your goals later in the course.

Health Risk Assessment

When you receive the results of your online Health Risk Assessment, use them (and any other information about your own health and lifestyle that play a role in your overall wellness) to summarize the results thoroughly in each section below. Summary of each section must be substantial and include details to receive credit.

Blood Pressure/Cholesterol/Diabetes



Tobacco and Alcohol

Well Being


Heart Health

Health Promotion Contract

Your goals should be written in SMART goal format, meaning they should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Please go to these two websites for more detailed information on SMART goal format:

Identify one goal to work toward during this course, knowing that you will be journaling about your progress in your journaling assignment, four times a week for four weeks.

An example of a goal that is NOT in SMART goal format is: I will walk more often.

An example of a properly formatted SMART goal is:

I, (student name), will walk for 30 minutes, three times a week by 10/1/16. (The date inserted here should be the Saturday of Module 4 for your course.)

Your SMART goal:


1. I, [Name]

agree to



by [date: [Saturday of Module 4]

2. I will use the following tools to monitor my progress:

The weekly assignment Journal and (at least one other tool)-


[chart, graph, scales, etc., as appropriate for your goal]

3. To reach my final goal I have devised the following schedule of goals and

rewards [Need two mini-goals and your final goal (as written above in #1) and also list rewards for all. Be sure that your mini goals match your final goal, meaning they are in alignment with and will help you achieve your final goal. As in the example goal of walking, then both mini goals should address walking – see highlighted area below].

You should have a total of 3 goals, 3 dates, and 3 rewards in the template below.

Mini goal example:

I will walk 10 minutes twice a week

Mini goal end date Take time to get a manicure
Mini goal #1: write your specific measurable mini goal here-


Saturday, Module 2 of your course

Insert target month/day/year


Write your reward here:
Mini goal #2: write your specific measurable mini goal here-


Saturday, Module 3 of your course

Insert target month/day/year


Write your reward here:
Final goal (as written in SMART goal organizer above): write your specific measureable Final Goal here-


Saturday, Module 4 of your course

Insert target month/day/year


Write your reward here:

4. I am currently in the _______________________ Stage of Change (Must be a stage of change from the five stages of change article in last week’s readings) because:

[Concisely, but with substance, discuss why you think you are in this stage].

5. _____________________________________ ___________________

[Your email address indicates your signature] [Date]

Module 1: Health Risk Assessment and Health Promotion Contract





















insert month/day/year

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