Hellenistic Jewish and early Christian writers writing homework help


1. Define the term pseudonymity and explain its practice among Hellenistic-Jewish and early Christian writers.

2. In what specific ways concerning Jesus’ return does II Thessalonians differ from Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians? Why do some scholars think that it was written after Paul’s death?

3. Summarize the arguments for and against Paul’s authorship of Colossians.

4. What is the relationship that Paul seems to think best describes the union between the Church and Christ in the book of Ephesians? What are the implications for Christians in this union?

5. Why do scholars think that the pastoral letters were written by a later churchman? Why do these letters emphasize tradition so much and spend so much time combating heresy.

6. According to the author of Hebrews what is the relation of Israel’s sacrificial rituals to the death and ascension of Jesus?

7. Hebrews chapter 11 is often called the “Hall of Faith”. Who are some of the more recognizable figures in this chapter and how do they exhibit faith?

8. What is the author of II Peter’s primary concern in his discussion of the parousia in chapter 2? What language does he use to make his point?

9. What first century heresy might the book of I John be a response to? What language/images does the author use to indicate that he is opposing this heresy?

10. What does the author of James say is the smallest but most powerful muscle in the human body? What does he say needs to be done to control it?

11. Define the term apocalypse as a literary genre, and explain how the Book of Revelation unveils realities of the unseen spirit world and previews future events.

12. When and where did apocalyptic writing originate, and what is its main purpose. Identify and discuss some of the characteristics of this literature.

13. What political and social conditions existed at the time of John’s vision? What conditions would have caused the Christian community to be fearful of their safety and suspect that they would be the target of authorities?

14. Identify and explain some of the myths of cosmic conflict that John incorporates into his vision of the universal struggle between good and evil.

15. What role do the millenium and the lake of fire play in John’s vision of final triumph of the apocalyptic?

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