History and Spain the Administration of The Empire and Foreign Affairs

History and Spain the Administration of The Empire and Foreign Affairs

EIGHT PAGES for BOTH questions. 12 Font, doubled space, 1-inch margins. It can certainly be shorter than that (but not too short).For Question one you will be using the book that I will provide call Fuente Ovejuna and you can only use quotes and references from this book to answer this question but for some parts if u need to use a summary from outside make it your own words and its better to not site outside sources and make everything as original as possible. But be sure to mainly use the book that I provide for question one which is the Fuente Ovejuna.

Question 1 (4 pages)

1. Provide a very short summary of the plot (no more than half a page).

2. Tell me what the salient themes in this literary work are.

3. Analyze two or three of these themes and explain how they reflect the culture, values,

politics, social and economic structures of early modern Spain. You are using these texts as

primary sources. Therefore, your use of them should answer the question: What do they tell you

about the history of Spain?

4. Place these works within a specific historical context.

For this next prompt you will be using the book that I will also provide called Spanish Society. For this prompt please only use the book I provide for citations and quotes and refrain from using outside sources as much as possible

Question 2 (4 pages)

B. What were the important themes of Philip II’s reign and why? What were its successes? What

were its failures? You must discuss in detail two of the following:

1. The Defeat of the Spanish Armada

2. The Alpujarras uprising of 1568

3. The Antonio Perez Affair

4. The Administration of the Empire

5. Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy

6. The New World

Your choices will help to answer the first question of this prompt, so be sure to briefly justify them. Make references to the sources.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have so I can make this easier for you to complete with the best quality.

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