History DB

History DB

Read pages 1-56 (chapters 1-3) in your textbook and review power point slides (both attached to this question)

In order to get full credit on your original post, you need to clearly connect your responses to historical evidence from the book, powerpoint slides, or further research. Indicate the page number where you found the information to help me and your classmates follow up to gain insight.

Please number your answers

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Topic Option 1: Decline of Native Culture. 1. What is one thing that surprised you when learning about native people in Michigan?  2. Why is it difficult to tell the story of native peoples in North America? 3. How can we improve representation of native perspectives in histories of the United States? 4. How, according to your book, did native societies decline so rapidly as they engaged with white settlers despite outnumbering them?

Topic Option 2: Colonial Legacies. 1. What is one thing that surprised you when learning about the British and French presence in the Great Lakes area? 2. Why were the British more successful than the French in establishing settlements in North America in general and Michigan in particular? 3. What are the legacies of the French and British presence in the area that became Michigan prior to American Independence?