History of European Colonialism Research

History of European Colonialism Research

Research Paper Proposal is the beginning to writing a research paper. It is essential that students identify a topic early in the course. Think of a topic question to answer, begin initial research for sources, and draft an outline. Without approval, students cannot begin writing their research paper.

The topic of the paper is up to the student, so long as it coincides with time frame and subject of the class.

For sources, do not merely write “newspaper, book, internet, journal article.” Students must use names of actual books, journals, articles and websites. Remember to use scholarly research and research appropriate to this level of course (no encyclopedias).

The topic of the research paper can change as research can sometimes go in new directions. Should the topic change completely, students must get approval from the instructor (minor changes need no further approval). Should the topic not be approved, students will have an opportunity to redo the assignment for full credit.

Your proposal should include your topic and a brief description of the topic. Your research questions/potential thesis. At least 3 potential resources for your final project. Briefly outline your project and the approach you will take to this topic, including main points.

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