History of the United States to 1877

History of the United States to 1877

Readings covered: The American Yawp, Chapters 1-7


This is an open-book examination, covering all of the material we have covered in the textbook.

Your exam must be turned in by THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22nd at 10:59pm (ONLINE).


Be sure to have a clear argument that you defend with relevant evidence. Organize your paper with a logical structure and use clear topic sentences and transitions to help your reader understand the logic of your organization. Edit your paper thoroughly to avoid errors and to improve readability.


Grading criteria:


· Argument: 25%

Does your paper have a clear, singular, specific argument that answers the question?


· Evidence: 25%

Do you use all of the relevant evidence from the textbook and PowerPoints to defend your argument?


· Organization: 25%

Does your paper have a logical structure and use clear topic sentences and transitions?


· Clarity: 25%

Is your prose efficient, crisp and polished, free of excessive passive voice or distracting spelling or grammatical errors?


your essays should be about 3 pages. Students are expected to refer to the literature that we have read for the exam. All direct references to the literature must be properly cited (in MLA format).


Please DO NOT use materials from the Internet without clear identification of the source. Copying of texts from the Internet is considered plagiarism, (I have caught a number of students doing this), you will receive an F for your exam if you do so.


Essay Questions:

Answer following essay questions. You must address completely all aspects of the question asked. Your responses must be based on the relevant reading The American Yawp, Chapters 1-7. The goal is to demonstrate that you have read the assigned material and understand key concepts. Remember to use specific evidence and/or examples to support your arguments. Opinions without evidence, however interesting, are not sufficient.


1. How did the role of women change over time in the American colonies and the early American Republic?

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